CATERPILLAR: Who are you?
ALICE: Absolem?
CATERPILLAR: You’re not Absolem. I’m Absolem. The question is…who are YOU?
ALICE: Alice.
CATERPILLAR: We shall see.
ALICE: What do you mean by that? I ought to know who I am!
CATERPILLAR: Yes you ought, stupid girl. Unroll the Oraculum.
Rabbit: The Oraculum. Being the calendrical compendium of Wonderland.
ALICE: It’s a calendar.
CATERPILLAR: Compendium. It tells of each and every day since the Beginning.
Rabbit: Today is griblick day in the time of the Red Queen.
CATERPILLAR: Show her the the Frabjous day.
Tweedle Dee: Yes. The Frabjous being the day you slay the Jabberwocky.
ALICE: Sorry? Slay a what?
Tweedle Dum: Oooh yes. That being you there with the Vorpal sword.
Tweedle Dee: No other swords can kill the Jabberwocky. No how.
Tweedle Dum:  If it ain’t Vorpal, it ain’t dead.
ALICE: That’s not me.
Mouse: I know.
Rabbit: Resolve this for us Absolem. Is she the right Alice?

© 2010 Walt Disney Pictures, Roth Films, Team Todd, The Zanuck Company, Tim Burton Productions